124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


620 CB

Our Review:

Titleist has a history of producing irons that cleverly hide technological improvements in a pleasing shape. The 620 CB is the latest example. The name is a throwback to the 600 Series of the early 2000s. At first glance, the iron appears to be uncomplicated in construction and shape: a carbon-steel forged head with a compact look. However, the use of high-density tungsten in the toe and heel areas of the long irons is a modern—and meaningful—touch that helps launch the ball high and minimize loss of ball speed on off-center strikes. Titleist did not use tungsten in the toe on the 5- through 7-irons as it did in the previous CB. The reason? Better players prefer to flight middle and short irons lower. The pre-worn leading-edge sole helps the club slide through the turf effortlessly—even for those with a steep attack angle. The blade lengths are in line with the company’s MB irons for those who like a split set. As one would expect of a club designed for single-digit-handicappers, the stock shaft is the 120-gram True Temper Project X LZ. The iron selector tool on the company’s website isn’t a substitute for an in-person clubfitting, but it does offer valuable guidance on whether this model is for you.

Price: $175/per iron
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Player Comments

What sets this club apart is its ability to hit every kind of shot. Just enough help in the long irons without sacrificing feel. Turf interaction is first-rate.

Club Specs


7-iron: 35 degrees; PW: 47 degrees

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