RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club


0317 X Gen2


Our Review:

Distance is lovely, but the right hybrid gets you a specific yardage to attack the pin. The low, forward center of gravity helps to reduce spin so shots launch with efficient power. The multiple levels of adjustability dial in distance and direction better than Waze. A rotating hosel tweaks loft by 1.5 degrees in either direction, and the mix of eight sole weights (light titanium and heavy tungsten) can add forgiveness, reduce spin or add draw or fade bias. Read more >>
Specs: 17, 19, 22, 25, 28 (all adjustable)
Price: $375
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Player Comments
  • mid
    Looks like Kevlar and feels bulletproof when you’re swinging it. Authoritative thud at impact.
  • low
    I like the matte finish with the simple X at the top. Sits nice and square. It was a little muted off the clubface, but it really jumped still.
  • high
    Understated but menacing look; felt like an easy-swinging sledgehammer delivering all the mass through impact with a really good uppercut; moderate trajectory.