CLK (2020)


Our Review:

Mizuno hits the hybrid checklist pretty completely here. The flatter crown and wider body help lower the center of gravity and increase forgiveness. Then, a thinner face made from a high- strength steel used in race-car engines adds flex for speed. To improve performance on those slightly thin shots, the sole’s wave structure gives more at impact for better rebound. Finally, the four adjustable heads create lofts from 14 to 27 degrees.
Specs: 16, 19, 22, 25 (All adjustable)
Price: $250
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Player Comments
  • high
    Perfect dimensions at address. A timeless design. A deeper crack at impact with a piercing trajectory.
  • mid
    Like how tight and clean it is at address. You can really be aggressive swinging with this and not worry about wayward shots. Very sharp, piercing trajectory.
  • low
    Small head but its not intimidating. The ball lfight was mid to low but came in with a nice landing. Wasn't screaming when it touched down. I love hybrids that you can still shape the ball with. It was fairly easy to do that with this one.