Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club


King SpeedZone/One Length


Our Review:

A lot of hybrids use innovative features on the inside of the head, but these models do their magic on the outside first. That includes the company’s decades-long tradition of rails on the sole to more easily move the bottom of the club through the turf, and a rear tungsten weight that further lowers the center of gravity. There’s also a neat trick inside the head. The rails are hollow up front, which allows the lower part of the face to flex better. Read more >>
Specs: Standard: 17, 19, 21, 24; One Length: 19, 21, 24
Price: $230
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Player Comments
  • high
    High cool factor with the matte finish. The rails make it universally playable. Compact but not intimidating.
  • mid
    Absolutely love the rails. It keeps the weight low, which gives you a great, high, repeating ball flight. It never grabbed or dragged. It masked every error I threw out there.
  • high
    I like the simple head, not too much going on. Nice alignment aid. Subtle but responsive.