RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club


Epic Flash


Our Review:

These clubheads don’t mess around when it comes to a low center of gravity. The lightweight carbon-fiber crown accommodates a metal-injection molding piece of heavy tungsten low in the sole that weighs nearly as much as the rest of the head. This helps elevate shots with less spin for more distance. Even more yards come from the vertical “jailbreak” bars inside the clubhead that stabilize the body and concentrate flexing in the face. Read more >>
Specs: 18, 21, 24, 27 (all adjustable)
Price: $300
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Player Comments
  • high
    Quiet but powerful, like the parent who doesn’t have to raise her voice to let you know she means business.
  • mid
    You see what you feel and that's the propulsion of the ball exploding off the face with great feedback to your hands. Really good distance maker, and you could see it as a fairway replacement easily.
  • low
    When I look at hybrids, they always look like the ball is going left. But the curved element on this one makes you feel like it's going straight. Muted, but hot. Produces these high rockets that roll and roll.