Heppler Series


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These two classic Ping blade shapes (Anser 2, ZB3) have been around for decades, but they take on new life through a multi-material approach. Combining a soft, lightweight aluminum face with a heavier steel flange is a significant boost in off-center-hit stability. The adjustable shaft-length system features every length from 32 to 36 inches for a better fit, and the flat, ungrooved face provides a firmer sound and feel at impact. Read more >>
Price: $230
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Player Comments
  • low
    Forgiving but with instructive feedback on off-center hits. Rolls true. The stable head keeps it on path.
  • mid
    The flat face is beautiful in an era of milled faces. The ball comes off with a little more pop, and you get amazing distance control. I don't see a lot of three-putts in the future with this.
  • high
    Immediately had a sense of comfort that this was a putter I could live with. A comforting feeling holding it in your hands. Very responsive, but only in the most pleasing of ways.