RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Odyssey Golf

Toulon Design


Our Review:

These are classic, milled putters, but there’s more going on than aesthetics. The 303 stainless-steel head features a cross-hatched diamond-shape milling pattern that now extends across the face. These edges channel vibration for a more solid sound and enhance initial roll. Plus, there’s the standard graphite-steel Stroke Lab shaft that shifts the balance point toward the hands for better tempo control. Read more >>
Price: $450
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    Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
  • high
    It’s a sharp look. Easy to align. Milling feels cushy but firm. It makes a living from 10 feet and in.
  • low
    The face gives you so much more feedback than the plates or inserts. Traditional Anser-style head, but with some more heft to it.
  • mid
    Really liked the audio feedback from the face. Right in the sweet zone of sound. You can judge how solidly you hit the putt. The face puts the ball on the ground with no hop or skid.