Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)

Odyssey Golf

Triple Track


Our Review:

Alignment might seem like an afterthought in a blade putter, but there’s real value when a serious commitment is made. This system of two blue lines framing a thicker red line is taken from the visual science known as vernier acuity, or the way the brain processes subtle differences in alignment detected by the eyes. In short, the lines let the golfer perceive straightness more clearly. The counterweighted Stroke Lab shaft aims to improve tempo. Read more >>
Price: $250
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Player Comments
  • mid
    It’s easy to frame the ball. Hard to not have good touch with this. The weighting is spot on.
  • low
    I like the fat white line there. It took me away from focusing on just the one line in the middle. It just felt like I was lined up spot on.
  • high
    I really liked the softness of the touch on short putts, and the versatility of being able to hit it smoother on long putts.