Wilson C300
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Wilson C300 Review

Wilson C300
Wilson C300
Wilson C300
Wilson C300
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The Verdict: You're probably wondering what those dark lines are on the crown. Flip the club over, and you'll see them on the sole, too. They're actually holes in the head that are filled with thermoplastic urethane. That compound isn't rigid, so the holes give the metal around them—including the high-strength steel face insert—the tendency to flex more at impact for more distance. Sole weights and an adjustable hosel let you achieve your preferred ball flight.
Loft: 17, 20, 23 (adjustable -1/+2 degrees)
Street Price: $210
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Player Comments
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    I love the shape and was surprised how good it performed on mis-hits.
  • mid
    I want to replace my long irons with this. They're so much more playable.
  • high
    Turf interaction is really good. I felt like I could make this do everything I wanted it to.