Cobra King Oversize

Our Review:

Cobra enlarged the clubhead to increase stability and forgiveness on off-center hits. Making the face even more effective on low-face strikes is its L-shape—where the face wraps into the sole. However, a larger clubhead generally equals a higher center of gravity, which leads to more ball spin and a lower launch. Not good. So Cobra addressed this problem by making the crown out of a thin, strong carbon composite and adding an internal tungsten weight low and deep in the head to control launch and spin.
Specs: 3-4 (adjustable from 19-22 degrees), 4-5 (adjustable from 22-25 degrees), 5-6 (adjustable from 25-28 degrees)
Price: $250
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Player Comments
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    The balance felt right.
  • mid
    This will help a lot of players. You don't have to swing hard to get the ball flying.
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    The way it sits is beautiful. I've got a lot of confidence with the size.