Callaway Big Bertha OS
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Callaway Big Bertha OS Review

Callaway Big Bertha OS
Callaway Big Bertha OS
Callaway Big Bertha OS
Callaway Big Bertha OS
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The Verdict: This is another Callaway club with cupface technology in which the face wraps around the crown and sole to help improve distance on off-center strikes. The large face and generous size create a forgiving shape, and that's enhanced by stabilizing sole rails and a weight screw deep in the sole. Making the club even more forgiving are five available lofts and an eight-way adjustable hosel. Combined, that's 40 possible setups from 18 to 33 degrees.
Loft: 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 (adjustable +2/-1 degrees)
Street Price: $250
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Player Comments
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    At this size you're not carving shots with it, but so what? It gets the ball up easily and has great carry.
  • mid
    Had a soft feel and a mid-high penetrating flight that went straight.
  • high
    It's forgiving with a nice *pop* off the face. I really like the alignment aids, too.