Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)


Titleist 818H1/H2

Our Review:

Titleist has used sole channels in past models, but this one is better in two ways. There's a cut-through opening for optimal flexibility, and an elastomer to cover it. That means the face can flex while gliding through the turf. A weight cartridge in the sole lets you achieve the ball flight that you want. The new models are slightly smaller than the 816 versions but more stable with a higher launch
Specs: H1: 19, 21, 23, 25, 27; H2: 17, 19, 21, 23 (all adjustable +2/-1 degrees)
Price: $280
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Player Comments
  • low
    It's easy to feel confident with this in your hands—the perfect mix of looks, performance and distance.
  • mid
    I love the timeless shape. A fusion of old-school style with new technology. You get tour performance in a shape that's not intimidating.
  • high
    It has the sound of a good, solid iron. It glides through the turf beautifully.