TaylorMade TP Collection
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TaylorMade TP Collection Review

TaylorMade TP Collection
TaylorMade TP Collection
TaylorMade TP Collection
TaylorMade TP Collection
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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select (2018)

The Verdict: An insert combines soft polymer with 45-degree-angled grooves, increasing topspin to produce a quick-starting roll. A calibrated milling process hones the shape of the cast 303 stainless-steel body. Both of the heel-toe-weighted models include some form of sightline to aid alignment.
Street Price: $200
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    Looks clean and tight. Easy to line up. The insert is on the firmer side and gets the ball rolling. If you tend to leave your putts short, then you should look at this.
  • mid
    A purist would love this: a great putter without the gadgets. ... You don't have to take it back far even though the head is a little smaller than others in this category. It just works.
  • high
    The shape and finish are very classy, and the weighting in the head makes it easy to get the ball rolling.