Bettinardi BB Series (2018)
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Bettinardi BB Series (2018) Review

Bettinardi BB Series (2018)
Bettinardi BB Series (2018)
Bettinardi BB Series (2018)
Bettinardi BB Series (2018)
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The Verdict: The BB Series is made from soft carbon steel and features face milling that is softer than past BB models. The blades are heel-toe weighted with less toe hang (BB1) and crowned toplines (BB29). A light-colored sightline against the matte-black finish is easy on the eyes, and an electric-yellow scheme on the sole offers a distinct look.
Street Price: $300
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    I appreciate the craftsmanship, the materials and how the feel transfers to your hands.
  • mid
    The neutral color is quietly pleasing. The sound off the face is metallic-like but muffled. It plays like it's heavier, with the ball coming off the face faster than I expected.
  • high
    It has a comforting, balanced feel and got the ball rolling nicely. It was delicate in a good way.