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PXG Milled Putters Review

PXG Milled Putters
PXG Milled Putters
PXG Milled Putters
PXG Milled Putters
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The Verdict: The three models come in chrome or black PVD finishes and have the same thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) found in the company's 0311 irons. Here, a piece of the TPE is behind the billet-milled 304 stainless-steel face insert. This produces a soft-sounding yet firm feeling at impact. Bodies are milled from stainless steel with heel and toe weights made from titanium and tungsten for improved alignment and higher moment of inertia.
Street Price: $500
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    It's attractive and well-balanced. It reacted the same even off the center.
  • mid
    On shorter and medium putts, I was able to get the ball started on the correct line effortlessly.
  • high
    It nicely balances tradition and technology. It gives me confidence at address.