Edel Torque Balanced
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Edel Torque Balanced Review

Edel Torque Balanced
Edel Torque Balanced
Edel Torque Balanced
Edel Torque Balanced
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The Verdict: Some companies add weight to improve face balance and control, but designer David Edel removed mass from inside the toe. The idea is to make the putter less vulnerable to the twitchy forces of torque during the stroke. This weight removal is hidden within the sole to preserve a conventional blade look at address.
Street Price: $330
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Player Comments
  • low
    The insert is amazing. I love the electric feel off the face and the roll it imparts on the ball. The round grip is different but interesting.
  • mid
    The brass finish and holes on the back are pretty cool. A little futuristic and very stable on performance.
  • high
    It has a clean look at address. My distance control was good, and it has a natural-sounding "click" at impact.