Odyssey O-Works Red/Black
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Bettinardi BB Series (2018)

Odyssey O-Works Red/Black Review

Odyssey O-Works Red/Black
Odyssey O-Works Red/Black
Odyssey O-Works Red/Black
Odyssey O-Works Red/Black
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The Verdict: An intricate multilayer face is the big story here. A thin, stainless-steel face plate with dozens of angled "hinges" covers a soft-elastomer insert. Together they provide a consistent, muted feel. At contact, the hinges flex, producing topspin and roll instead of skidding. The result is a better, more reliable performance regardless of your stroke. The O-Works line offers plenty of options, including traditional blades, heavier heads and wider models with extra off-center-hit forgiveness.
Street Price: $200
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
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    Has a natural alignment at address.
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    I like the soft feel. The topspin comes off the face cleanly on short and long putts.
  • high
    It has a lively face. The ball jumps off.