Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club

Wilson Staff

Wilson FG Tour PMP

Our Review:

These wedges seek to maximize spin on two types of shots. First, full shots from the rough benefit from wider grooves that channel away debris. Second, more milled lines between each groove mean there’s extra surface friction on chips and pitches. Bonus: A custom-bending program offers 97 loft options.
Specs: 14 (48-62 degrees, 3 sole grinds)
Price: $100
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Player Comments
  • low
    It’s forgiving on greenside shots.
  • mid
    I love the versatility and firm feel. Had no problem hitting lots of shots with different spin and height.
  • mid
    Thought the grooves were very aggressive. easy to get the ball to check quickly. Anybody who’s having sand issues great club for that.
  • high
    The rounded leading edge and sole grind let me open it up and set it square or shut, all with ease.