Mizuno S5

Our Review:

The S5 has a rounder, larger and more forgiving shape than its predecessor. For that reason it might appeal to a broader range of players, but this forged model still offers the Mizuno subtleties elite players prefer. This includes 10 stock and 15 custom lofts, five sole grinds, and grooves matched to how shots are played by loft. Lower lofts have narrower grooves for maximizing full shots. Higher lofts have wider grooves for better friction on partial shots.
Specs: 10 (50-60 degrees, 5 sole grinds)
Price: $130
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Player Comments
  • low
    Great consistency in producing high and soft shots.
  • mid
    The size gives you the confidence to hit the shot you need.
  • mid
    The size and dimensions and playability is like A more traditional wedge. Very good with generating spin around the greens and bunkers. The slight relief around the sole allows you to open it up, keep it square.
  • high
    It’s workable from around the greens and easy from the sand.