Ping Glide 2.0

Our Review:

The Glide’s second generation focuses on optimizing spin with updated milled-groove designs that change depending on the loft. Grooves on the lower lofts have more volume for cleaner contact and consistent spin on full shots. The sharper-edge grooves on the higher lofts help grab the ball for more spin on less-than-full-swing shots. Four sole options are available to help you maximize turf interaction.
Specs: 17 (46-60 degrees, 4 sole grinds)
Price: $140
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Player Comments
  • low
    It’s an easy wedge to aim. I could trap the ball and create perfectly sized divots.
  • mid
    “Glide” resonates with its turf interaction. You’re not getting stuck anywhere. Love the extended grip.
  • mid
    It has the right wedge shape. White bottom scoring line helps you square it up. I could control my chip distance from the first ball. Easy club to work in the sand.
  • high
    Works well on long bunker shots.