Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club


Titleist Vokey Design SM6

Our Review:

Too often wedges are thought of as one homogenous group. But Titleist’s wedge guru Bob Vokey offers the idea that they are an entirely unique set of individual tools. Hence, the 21 models across five sole grinds. That’s also why the weighting and grooves change through the lofts. The low weighting on the lower lofts matches the transition from the irons better, and the loft-specific grooves optimize spin for the type of shot played.
Specs: 21 (46-62 degrees, 5 sole grinds)
Price: $150
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Player Comments
  • low
    Your ability to hit those little half shots with lower or higher trajectories is off the charts.
  • mid
    Excellent stopping ability. You can be really precise.
  • mid
    Very soft feeling as if it was forged. I like the weight at the top of the head; kept a nice medium trajectory. Made it through the turf very easily, like a catamaran. Really a great jack of all trades and even mastered some of them.
  • high
    Found it easy to generate spin with the little checking chips.