Callaway Mack Daddy Forged

Our Review:

Wedge designer Roger Cleveland solicited input from elite players, leading to a focus on improving control. The more compact shape's straight leading edge is easier to manipulate. A progressively higher center of gravity as the lofts increase helps shots launch lower, and a new groove pattern adds a scoreline near the leading edge for additional grab. One final pitch to the elite player: It's forged from soft 1025c carbon steel.
Specs: 6 (50-60 degrees)
Price: $150
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Player Comments
  • low
    Nice thump in the bunker with a consistent amount of sand.
  • low
    Even the higher lofted club with less bounce was easy to play from the sand. That makes it a really versatile club. You could hit it two grooves low and play a checker, or a bunch of other shots with no problem.
  • mid
    That heavier feel made for good turf interaction.
  • high
    Contact was solid and controllable.