RBC Canadian Open

Oakdale Golf & Country Club


TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF

Our Review:

The interesting case here is that the industry standard of milled grooves and laser surface roughness aren’t precise enough. So these wedges use extremely thin face plates, where the grooves and surface roughness are electroformed. In this method, the face plate is built up from liquid metal to tolerances as little as one-eightieth the width of a human hair. No less important, the metal used is highly durable nickel cobalt, so those precise grooves might just last longer, too.
Specs: 15 (47-62), 2 sole options
Price: $160
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Player Comments
  • low
    It has above-average spin on greenside shots.
  • low
    I like the soft finish. The head isn’t too big, and the leading edge sits flat. Soft, yet trampoliney. Above average spin greenside. Don’t need to use a lot of effort.
  • mid
    Great turf interaction. It never seemed to dig.
  • high
    This one laughs at deep rough.