Memorial Tournament

Muirfield Village Golf Club


Ping Glide

Our Review:

The company that invented clubfitting takes on the short game with four swing-specific sole grinds. Options include everything from the Thin Sole grind for players who take shallow divots to the new, bunker-friendly Eye Sole. Two types of grooves are intended to maximize volume on the lower lofts and optimize sharpness for more grab on the higher lofts. One other spin tactic: The chrome finish helps repel moisture for better friction when the rough is wet.
Specs: 16 (47-60), 4 sole options
Price: $130
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  • 4.5 1
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Player Comments
  • low
    I can see how it got its name: Hard or soft sand, it glided every time.
  • mid
    I like to choke down, so the longer grip really works. Easy distance control.
  • mid
    Felt very hefty (in a good way). It’s perfect weighting made it easy to hit, the club did all the work. It powered through the turf, and It had a lot of utility.
  • high
    The ball comes off incredibly soft.