Ben Hogan TK15

Our Review:

It’s cool that there’s a loft at every degree from 48 to 63. But each head also is designed with different weighting for better distance gaps. Overall the weight is positioned higher, but as the lofts decrease, there’s more mass pushed from the center to the heel and toe. The combination helps improve distance consistency. And why just the single V-shape sole? Because your swing and lie change multiple times in the same round from the same distance.
Specs: 16 (48-63), 1 sole option
Price: $150
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Player Comments
  • low
    Not intimidating at all. Easier to hit than it looks.
  • low
    A little smaller head brought consistency ... Good balance in the head. But the player needs to be comfortable with the smaller head. Easy distance control.
  • mid
    The size was a big positive around the green, like a really nimble sports car.
  • high
    Compact and small, it delivered the ball nicely through the turf.