Sanderson Farms Championship

The Country Club of Jackson



Cobra King

Our Review:

Sometimes lost in the minutiae of groove edges is the simple but elusive idea of feel. Cobra refocused its efforts here by subtly thickening the face and raising the height of the muscle in back. Those two changes result in higher vibration frequency for better feel. But the engineers didn’t forget about spin. The grooves change with loft so the wider grooves on the high lofts make more consistent contact with the ball.
Specs: 12 (50-60), 3 sole options
Price: $120
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Player Comments
  • low
    That simple notch in back really helps the club sit consistently when you open it up.
  • mid
    Balanced; just feels right in your hands. Excels in all phases.
  • mid
    Sole design very functional. Its feel is up there with the best forged clubs, but I was shocked it wasn’t forged. Beautiful soft feeling club.
  • high
    It’s not heavy, but it sounds and feels that way so it’s smooth through the ball.