Fourteen RM-22
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Fourteen RM-22 Review

Fourteen RM-22
Fourteen RM-22
Fourteen RM-22
Fourteen RM-22
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The Verdict: There are plenty of subtle elements here that are friendly to better players. The smaller size, thin leading edge and plenty of relief in the heel portion of the sole—even the 41-degree loft option—give it the shotmaking variety that better players prefer. But even average golfers will like having two sole-grind choices on the higher lofts, particularly the more forgiving “wide twin” version.
Loft: 11 (41-60), 3 sole options
Street Price: $185
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    The leading edge sits flat. The head makes a crisp sound at impact and powers through the sand.
  • mid
    It was so easy to control distance and spin. The longer hosel almost makes it feel as though it rips through the turf much easier.
  • high
    Gives the impression that it’s a small head, but it doesn't scare you away. The thicker top line makes it look more comforting to hit.