Charles Schwab Challenge

Colonial Country Club


Ping Cadence TR

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Specs: N/A
Price: $215
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Player Comments
  • mid
    The insert is a perfect blend of softness and crispness, with the benefit of a nice rollout on mis-hits.
  • mid
    Nice compact head. I love the blue insert with the white lines. I love the long, continuous white line. I couldn't wait to try this. You and the putter become one. The feedback is unrivaled, exactly what I'm looking for. I love the insert. I wasn't getting flyers and it made up for my errors. If you can't make putts with this, it's operator error.
  • mid
    It feels stable without the clunky heaviness. The long white alignment line is extremely effective. The face didn't feel too hard or too soft... just right. I didn't even have to think about the putter... I just made putts.
  • high
    Has great balance through the ball. You can feel the putter head the entire time. Sounds very firm. I don't like the long white line when I look at it, but it works.