Cleveland Smart Square TFi Tour

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Specs: N/A
Price: $200
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Player Comments
  • low
    The alignment tool provides the kind of comfort you want on short putts.
  • low
    It's kind of pleasing to the eye and I like the squares and how they help line the ball up to the target but there wasn't a lot of pop off the face. Felt dead and that's a big downside. Other than that, it is well balanced and has a premium look to it.
  • mid
    What an improvement over the last Smart Square. The face really improved the looks of this putter. They won me over this year. Outstanding. It was as good a feeling a putter as any there is out there. I'd never been impressed with the alignment before, but it really tracked right towards the hole. It was point and shoot.
  • high
    There's a heft to this putter that produces a pleasant feel in the hands at impact.