Odyssey Works Versa
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Odyssey Works Versa Review

Odyssey Works Versa
Odyssey Works Versa
Odyssey Works Versa
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The Verdict:
Loft: N/A
Street Price: $180-$220
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    The feel and balance together make it easy to have good distance control.
  • low
    The alignment aid close to the front is a plus. I'd have a feeling of strength with it in my bag. It's overpowering. I couldn't even tell I was using a mid-sized grip because it's really well balanced.
  • mid
    It's a little twist on the Versa series. It's easier on the eyes. I like the feel you get off the face.
  • high
    The alignment aid really stood out. The three-line alignment aid is like a perfect claw that grabs the ball.