The Week In Style: 03.19.14


The Week In Style: 03.19.14

March 16, 2014

Fred Couples

Great win, great photo. Isn't it cool that you can wear a simple outfit and look this good? Nice Eccos.

John Senden

Even though the sweater looks a little large on him, we think the victory is even larger. We're tipping our hats to John for a beautifully played tournament.

Luke Donald

Hard to believe we're only days away from spring. Notice Luke's RLX hybrid jacket. Besides being a versatile addition to his outerwear, it makes him look pretty tough. This is about as close to a "Raging Bull" image as we've seen on tour in a while. Luke, I'm going to place a call to De Niro and tell him not to cross you.

Ryo Ishikawa

Don't try this at home, because odds are you're not going to be able to pull it off. Mixing pattern with pattern is not something that the uninitiated can embrace. Kudos to Ryo for being able to synchronize the shirt and the pants. Please form a line starting at the left for all of those who disagree with this opinion.

Justin Rose

Good for you Justin for picking a style and sticking with it.

Scott Langley

Scott, we love this Boss outfit. Now go to your local tailor and have him remove about two inches from the trousers.

Will MacKenzie

Will MacKenzie's back, and he looked great all week. Isn't it great that Puma has added another stylish player on tour?

John Daly

You don't have enough time for me to explain exactly how I'm struck by Daly's uncanny ability to take Loudmouth up two octaves. If you want to have some fun, this is certainly something to consider.

Morgan Hoffmann

Right on trend with the camo sweater. And we did notice the Cowboy orange shaft.

Stephen Ames

If you're looking for the definition of engineered stripes, this is a pretty good visual for it.

Matteo Manassero

Isn't it great to have Matteo playing more on the PGA Tour? We kind of like that nice touch of tucking your sweater in, it's a fresh look. Very Seve.

Steve Pate, Bernhard Langer & Tom Pernice Jr.

Hats off to these Champions tour pros for brightening up our weekend.

Graham DeLaet

Another Yeti sighting! What is Graham going to do during the Stanley Cup? Shave?

Kevin Na

He might play slow, but this is a pretty snazzy combo. Are you Yay or Na on the belt? We think it's pretty creative.

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