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Weird golf news of the week: Man's plan to get new golf clubs backfires. Badly.

February 09, 2015

Are you looking to upgrade your golf clubs? It's a thought that crosses a lot of golfers' minds, especially around this time of year when Golf Digest's Hot List issue serves as a reminder that there is a light at the end of a dark, snowy tunnel. But if you're thinking of making a switch, do NOT do what this Florida resident did.

According to a story in the Ocala Star Banner, a man wound up getting arrested for filing a false report that his clubs (that he valued at $2,030) had been stolen out of his car in a golf course parking lot. Apparently, Joseph Louie Ioime was hoping that if he said his clubs had been taken, his wife would buy him a new set. Brilliant!

Not a great plan to begin with, Ioime butchered its execution by leaving the clubs he said were stolen in the trunk. Yes, really. When police called to the scene of the "crime" found the clubs (Ioime had told authorities the trunk was broken, but an officer opened it up), the jig was up.

Ioime tried to claim he had an identical bag and set for practice. He eventually confessed to the scheme and was taken to the Marion County Jail. Forget about his wife getting him new clubs, this guy would be lucky if she posts his bail.