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This week in weird golf news: A 12-foot crocodile attacks!

November 13, 2013

The Daily Record reported that a Scottish man was attacked by a crocodile while on vacation at Iberostar Cancun Golf Club last Friday. And not just any crocodile. One of those giant, scary ones you'd see in a bad horror film.

The 12-foot-long reptile beast monster reportedly chomped 58-year-old Dougie Thomson after he had just played a shot from a waste bunker. The crocodile dragged him a few feet before a buddy ran over and started beating it with a 9-iron. Eventually, two other playing partners joined in and were able to free their friend from the croc's grasp, thanks in part to running it over with their golf cart.

"It's amazing that not one of us thought twice about what was happening. We just charged in," said Brendan O'Hara, the 9-iron wielding friend.

Thomson, who had 200 stitches in his thigh and could require plastic surgery to the back of his leg, was thankful to be alive. He should also be thankful he was playing with friends and not paired with randoms, who usually don't even offer help with finding a ball.

Thomson is threatening legal action against the course, which was the site of a New York man losing two fingers in a crocodile-related incident in September. The course denies blame, saying golfers are made well aware of the crocodiles -- described as "unique characteristics" of the course -- by signs posted around the course. Makes you really want to tee it up there, doesn't it?

Added another of Thomson's brave friends, Londoner Martin: "If that size of a crocodile is on the course, they have to shut it down or get experts in to shoot it or move it elsewhere. That croc will do it again if it gets the chance."

Hmm. Did we mention bad horror films?