What's In My Bag: Miguel Angel Jimenez


What's In My Bag: Miguel Angel Jimenez

July 28, 2014


Photo By: Europa Press via Getty images

MOVE A MUSCLE!The older you get, the more you should be into fitness. I might be old, but I feel young, you know? My stretching routine helps me do that. We all lose a little of our flexibility with age. And our muscles lose their strength. You must stay active and work on these things. I'm told my stretching routine is famous. I just started moving around one day to warm up. And it worked, so I kept it. It's as basic as that.


A DECADENT DECADELook at how far club technology has come in the last 10 years. I think launch-monitor data matters. I use a TrackMan, which gives lots of numbers to look at for spin and launch. I think of using old clubs as looking at yourself 10 years ago in the mirror. You'd see a big difference, no?


specs: Ping i25, 9.5 degree loft, Oban Gold 65, X-flex shaft, 46 inches, D-5 swingweight, tipped one inchI've played different drivers over the years, but this one really suits my swing. I can hit a draw or a fade easily, which is important because I'm what you would call a feel player.


specs: Ping i25 3-, 5- and 7- woods. Aldila Tour Blue 65, X- flex shafts, all D-3 swingweightWhat I look for are clubs I can hit consistently. These are very easy to launch. I've used a 7-wood (not pictured) for most of this season.


specs: Ping S55s, 4-iron through pitching wedge. Dynamic Gold Superlite S300 shafts with SensiCore technology, 1 degree flatI've been playing these irons since last year. The shafts help with my tendinitis. Oftentimes, I'll practice with more than 14 clubs to figure out which ones are best to handle the conditions that week.


specs: Ping Tour Gorge, 52 degree (D-3 swingweight) and 59 degree (D-5), Lamkin Perma-Wrap 58 round grips (for all my clubs)Around the greens, confidence is king. Sometimes I'll add another wedge to my set depending on the course.


specs: Ping Scottsdale Pickemup, 34 inches, 3 degree loft, 1 degree uprightTo me, you need a putter that you believe in. If you don't think you're going to make every putt, what's the point? I've switched between this one, a Ping Ketsch prototype and a Ping Karsten TR Pal.

"X" MARKS THE SPOTI mark my Srixon Z-Star ball with black Sharpie dots over the number and both sides of the Z-Star logo. I can flight the ball anyway I need to. I also like Srixon's simple style. I wear their glove, too.

A BLAST FROM THE PASTA few things, like this headcover, seem as old as me. I started when the greats like Seve Ballesteros were out here, and I still compete with the kids today. My goal? To have fun. That's it. Success is fun. But success is easier when you're enjoying life.

LIGHTING IT UP OUT THEREI'm sure you've seen me smoke a cigar at a tournament, even in the early morning. It helps me relax. This contraption sticks into the ground like a tee and holds my cigar. Before I leave on a trip, I'll pick up some Cohiba cigars. You never know if they'll have them where I'm going.Other things you'll see in my bag or in my locker:Oakley Plaintiff sunglasses, custom Nebuloni golf shoes (I order six pairs before each season), Lacoste clothing and an Audemars Piguet Leo Messi watch.

OH, WHAT A YEAR!The first half of 2014 has treated me well. I finished fourth at the Masters, won on the senior tour, married my beautiful bride, Susanna Styblo, in Spain, and won my national Open.

Photo By: Europa Press via Getty images

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