3. The Problem: Body Sway


3. The Problem: Body Sway

March 24, 2011

If your shoulders are inflexible (90-90 test), your arms will have difficulty rotating and folding. Shoulder issues can cause the left arm to jut away from the body at the elbow during the through-swing and look like a chicken wing. This inflexibility can cause elbow tendinitis and sliced shots.

The Fix

Line your feet behind each other and kneel while keeping a club overhead. Turn your upper body as far as you can each way.

Hold a medicine ball, feet in line, and lunge forward while turning into backswing and follow-through positions.

Lie in a fetal position, knees together. Hold your top knee with the arm that is resting on the ground and grab your rib cage with the top arm. While keeping your lower body in the fetal position, pull your rib cage open with the top arm so your shoulders lie flat on the ground. Hold for 15 seconds.

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