The Year In Golf WAGs


The Year In Golf WAGs

December 29, 2014

Amanda Dufner enjoyed the Hawaiian Swing to start 2014. Little did we know, this would be the year of Amanda Dufner. In a bikini.

In February 2014, Paulina exhibited a surprisingly good golf swing . Either she inherited a lot of athletic ability from her father or DJ should have gotten more consideration for PGA Teacher of the Year.

Caroline Wozniacki drained an incredible putt at Augusta National during the Par 3 contest.

And Lindsey got some short-game lessons from Tiger. Hopefully, Tiger is healthier in 2015 and they can work more on the full swing.

Miguel Angel Jimenez gave us all a lesson on being awesome when he married Susanna Styblo at the Miguel Angel Jimenez Golf Club in Spain in May.

All the while, Lindsey did crazy stuff like this in the gym as she prepared for her comeback to skiing from a knee injury.

Then she won in her comeback in December. Boyfriend Tiger Woods made his latest comeback that weekend too. He finished tied for last. Advantage: WAGs.

And Erin Walker continued to rack up wins as a show jumper while husband Jimmy racked up wins and FedEx Cup points.

Speaking of horses, the Dufners had a great time at the Kentucky Derby.

But they seemed to enjoy meeting NBA superstars even more.

Speaking of other pro sports, Katharina Boehm supported Sergio Garcia by rooting for his favorite team, Real Madrid, in May. Sitting through an entire soccer game? Now that's true love. Not surprisingly, the two got engaged shortly after.

But it wasn't all good news for WAGs. Later that month, the world was stunned and saddened by the breakup of "Wozilroy." A week later, Wozniacki switched her Twitter avatar to this creepy picture. It seemed to put a spell on Rory as he shot 78 that very day. But the hex ran out when Rory started winning every tournament.

In June, a big group of WAGs went to the White House -- and seemed to impress Abe Lincoln. The winning Presidents Cup team from the year before also made the trip for some reason.

The Dufners took the opportunity to snap this kissing selfie beneath the Presidential seal. Bold.

The Dufners continued their memorable year with a fantastic Fourth of July trip to the Bahamas. In fact, there were so many photos, we could have done a special post documenting the entire trip. Oh, right. We did.

Amanda was feeling extra patriotic. What, you can't see her very well?

Here you go. Wouldn't this make for a great beer ad?

Then the Rory rumor mill got going. First, it was Rory and Nadia Forde.

Then, it was Rory and Sasha Gale.

Then, it was Rory and actress Meghan Markle. Who could forget their collaborative Ice Bucket Challenge video?

And finally, it was Rory and this South African model, Shashi Naidoo (she's wearing the white European Team jacket and hanging out with Rory's family at the Ryder Cup). Rory and Shashi were seen together at Gleneagles, but Rory claimed they were just friends.

However, Rory was suspiciously absent that week from this group photo of the European Team WAGs with the team's two other known bachelors, Martin Kaymer and Victor Dubuisson. Hmm.

Speaking of models, 2014 was the year Lindsey Vonn met Heidi Klum and Giselle and appeared on Bravo's show Project Runway.

And despite their busy schedules, it was nice to see Lindsey and Tiger have a date night -- even if they went to see the least romantic movie possible.

And then we met Rickie Fowler's new girlfriend, bikini model Alexis Randock. Nice to meet you, Alexis.

In September 2014, Paulina announced she was pregnant (with an Instagram, of course).

The RYDER CUP GALA. But there were still plenty of great pics like this one.

And this one during the event of Dowd Simpson comforting her man. For having to wear that sweater.

And this one of Amy Mickelson. If Amanda Dufner was the WAGOY (WAG of the Year), then Amy is the unofficial GOAT when it comes to golf WAGs.

Then it was time for Halloween. Here's Amanda Dufner and friends.

And here's Jillian Stacey and friends.

And finally, Rickie and Alexis didn't let us down with their Squints and Wendy Peffercorn outfits from "The Sandlot."

The Dufners 2014 adventure continued in December with an elephant ride in Thailand.

Where Amanda got to wear a bikini one last time.

Before slipping into something slightly less revealing to host a holiday party. Jason, apparently, bought a jacket from Colonial Country Club after losing in a playoff to Adam Scott there earlier in the year.

December brought a flurry of other action as well. There was Maria Ochoa and Camilo Villegas' wedding in Colombia.

And these two lovebirds smartly escaping a nationwide cold front to celebrate Rickie's birthday in the Bahamas.

A couple months later, it was time for Paulina's baby shower.

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