The 9 Best Ways To Play 9 Holes


The 9 Best Ways To Play 9 Holes

July 22, 2014
By Sam Weinman Photos by Cy Cyr

The Just-Got-A-New-Club 9

Most appropriate when ... That brown UPS truck pulls up in front of your house with the answer to all that ails your game. Is this really the cure? Of course not! But at least now you can find out for yourself.

The Break-In-The-Weather 9

Most appropriate when ... You've been trapped inside for what feels like weeks, but the skies have mercifully cleared. Is there a chance you left the stove on before bolting to the course? Who cares! Fore, left!

The Emergency 9

Most appropriate when ... Your first 18 of the day suddenly feels insufficient, owing to the two hours of Golf Channel you just watched in the grill room. Surely you can do better than those schlubs on TV!

The Escape-The-Madness 9

__Most appropriate when ...__One kid has an ear infection and the other has a sore throat. You'd love to help out but you've got that member-guest to get ready for in six weeks. Enjoy the couch tonight!

The Grocery 9

Most appropriate when ... It hits you that volunteering to go to the store might allow you a chance to sneak in nine. Does anyone really keep tabs on how long it takes to go to the grocery store? Does anyone care as long as you bring back the right flavor of Haagen-Dazs?

The Before-Work 9

Most appropriate when ... You have set your alarm, cleared the early part of your schedule, and checked with the starter about teeing off the back nine. The key to a successful before-work nine? Enjoy it, but not so much where nine holes becomes 18, you've blown off the entire workday, and you no longer have a source of income to pay for your golf habit.

The After-Work 9

Most appropriate when ... The office has cleared out, there's plenty of daylight left, and the golf course is conveniently situated on your commute home. As good as the After-Work 9 is, it still pales in comparison to the the "Midday Off-Site Meeting" 9.

The Just-Had-A-Lesson 9

Most appropriate when ... You've just walked away from a successful session with your pro and you're anxious to put it all to work. This is it! You've finally got it! But wait . . . did he say more weight on your front foot or less? And what was the part about the backswing again?

The You've-Got-The-Kids 9

__Most appropriate when ...__You have arranged for an afternoon of quality time with your little ones and there just happens to be a golf course next to the ice cream shop. Isn't it time to share with them the game you love? No reason to tell Mom!

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