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Eric Larson

My Shot: Nick Faldo

After winning six majors (including three British Opens), he has some thoughts on TV, ghosts, aliens and his prospects at 50

Front And Center

He is not long and he has trouble getting noticed (by some magazines), but Players' champ Fred Funk is a legitimate big stick

ON THE TEE: Alejandro Canizares
Move over, Sergio
ON THE TEE: Alejandro Canizares
Move over, Sergio
Moment in the Sun

He won the British Open and was one of the best players in the world. Then he suffered the most devastating slump in the game's history.David Duval? No, Ian Baker-Finch. Well, guess what? Finchy's doing just fine

Blast from the past: Rex Caldwell

Twenty-three years after strutting his stuff on golf's biggest stage, Rex Caldwell is trying to recapture that glimpse of glory as he looks back on the good times and the struggles, the dream drives him forward

It's a Wonderful Life

The Golf Digest Interview: Chris DiMarco had his share of struggles on tour, but now he's got it made. And you know what? It's fun

My Shot: Bob Wilson

Stares in the supermarket, sidehill lies and dealing with the overly sensitive: It's a balancing act for a double-amputee golfer.