Curt Sampson

Turning Back The Clock
In hickory golf they trust

Competitors—and our author—explore the game's true essence by going to Scotland and competing in a pair of hickory golf tournaments

Tour Life
Signs of the Times

What's the difference between kids getting autographs and professional chasers doing the same thing? Billions of bucks.

U.S. Open Preview
Resurrection Days

Memorable for an iconic photo of Ben Hogan on the 72nd hole, the 1950 U.S. Open at Merion was a post-accident reminder: The little man could still win on the big stage.

Golf World
Life In The Big Pool

Recently displaced from golf's top spot by friend and rival Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy arrives in Augusta trying to find his place in the game as much as his swing

The Backspin Issue: 1960
Flyin' High

As Ben Hogan was making a begrudging exit from and Jack Nicklaus a grand entrance onto golf's main stage, Arnold Palmer was front and center as the game's soaring, incandescent figure

It Takes A Village

Tour pros used to be a band of self-reliant souls, but significant entourages are the rule today for golfers looking for an edge

Jake's World

Erling Jacobsen, the patriarch of one of golf's best-known families, was a complicated man