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U.S. Open 2024: Xander Schauffele admits Michael Jordan recently beat him in a golf match … straight up!?


At this point, Michael Jordan is almost as synonymous with golf as he is with the Chicago Bulls. His uber-competitive antics on the course have become the subject of countless urban country-club legends, and thanks to Xander Scahuffele, we now have another one to add to the list.

On Monday at the U.S. Open, Colt Knost caught up with the newly minted PGA Champ on the range. Knost asked Schauffele if he had played a round with MJ yet. Schauffele said that he had.

“It’s really hard to sh*t talk him,” Knost probed.

Schauffele agreed and then dropped this mini-bombshell:

Yep, you heard that right. Schauffele admitted, on camera, that His Airness not only beat him, but beat him straight up, calling the experience “a bit embarrassing.”

“In the last three holes, yeah,” Schauffele explained. “I pancaked him and on his stroke holes I started talking sh*t to him. He got all quiet, focused and then birdied like 15-16, no strokes. I was like ‘alright.’”

Cue the meme.


In Schauffele’s defense, it sounds like he took his humbling in stride. Not that he had much choice. When the greatest competitor in sports history beats you at your own game, you simply have to take it on the chin, tip your cap and move on.