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This Michael Jordan golf story involving a former NHL player shows just how ruthless his Airness can be

March 13, 2024

Isaac Brekken

We've heard time and time again what a ruthless competitor Michael Jordan was on the basketball court—and is on the golf course. But those stories never get old, and the latest might be the best one yet.

It comes from former NHL defenseman Ryan Whitney, one of the hosts of Barstool's popular Spittin' Chiclets podcast. Whitney and co-host Paul Bissonnette (a recent guest on The Loop pod) had PGA Tour star Justin Thomas on this week. But the best golf moment came from Whitney describing a time he played with MJ—and got absolutely owned by the NBA legend.

Have a look—and more importantly, a listen—as Whitney tells about how Jordan beat him late and dropped some all-time trash talk on him as well. All the while Thomas nods and laughs as if he's experienced something similar many times:

"He doesn't say a word to me, we get to the 17th hole, the 35th of the day," Whitney recalls. "He makes his birdie putt, I miss. First thing he says to me all day, and he goes, 'That's right, bitch.' I'm like, oh my god."

Damn, that's cold. Even for MJ. But he wasn't finished!

After winning the match on 18 and taking 10 Gs off Whitney, Jordan laid down an all-time disrespectful line: "A scratch golfer? Bitch, you couldn't scratch my wife's ass."

Rough. But at least Ryan can always say he played golf with Michael Jordan. And provided him with a little pocket change.