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This winning Ryder Cup parlay that netted nearly $1 million will absolutely blow your mind

September 29, 2021

There's a running joke in the gambling world that when someone hits an incredible bet, they must know how sports events are going to turn out like Biff Tannen in Back to the Future Part II. Well, what we're about to show you might be the best proof that time travel is actually possible.

One lucky/genius/time traveling gambler hit on a Ryder Cup parlay that will blow your mind. As we first learned from the Action Network's Darren Rovell, the person correctly picked all 12 Sunday singles matches—including two that ended in ties!

The result? An $8 bet that turned into a cool $966K. We're not sure why he didn't just bet $10 to produce a $1 million-plus payday, but we're guessing the mystery gambler is still pretty happy with this windfall.

We've seen other incredible golf parlays hit before like this 20-leg one and this really, really random one. But correctly calling two ties and nailing every match—especially when the event's outcome had long been decided for some—is just absurd.

There were big upsets (Scottie Scheffler +230 over Jon Rahm), unlikely comebacks (Lee Westwood winning three of the final four holes against Harris English), and one big chunk by Matt Fitzpatrick on the final hole of the entire bet that finally sealed the outcome. Oh, and again, two freaking ties! How?!

Seriously, this person must have stumbled onto a copy of Grays Sports Almanac. There's just no other explanation.