A Goat At Work

Legendary ref Wes McCauley breaks out signature 'five minutes... FOR FIGHTING!!!!' call, crowd erupts

Normally, we'd jump at any opportunity to clown on a referee or an umpire who makes the game about him or herself. There's absolutely nothing worse than those type of officials. The type who think you paid $100 to come see them. Nut-low humans.

Wes McCauley, however, is the lone exception.

McCauley, 51, has been a full-time NHL referee since 2005, and he's been a damn good one. He's officiated eight of the last 10 Stanley Cups, and it may have been 10 for 10 if not for an injury in 2019 and a positive COVID-19 test in 2021. In other words, he must be doing something right.

That could be why McCauley feels comfortable enough to sometimes make it about him. On Tuesday night, he broke out his signature "five minutes ... FOR FIGHTING!!!!" call, and the crowd in Minnesota erupted:

Iconic. Never gets old. Let's break out the greatest hits, shall we?

McCauley also likes to get quite saucy after a goal review:

Oh, and don't forget, this is the same guy who truck-sticked that rat Brad Marchand a few nights ago:

Clean as can be. A GOAT at work. Put some respect on this man's name.