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Watch Andrew "Beef" Johnston and Boo Weekley race in a 40-yard, um, dash

September 22, 2017

Despite hitting the gym a lot of late, Andrew "Beef" Johnston wouldn't be near the top of anyone's list when guessing the fastest PGA Tour pros. Neither would Boo Weekley, whose lone form of fitness -- other than playing golf -- comes from casting fishing lines. But a good race comes down to how even the competition is, and in this case, it created a photo finish in a 40-yard dash. Well, more like a 40-yard jog.

"It's been a long time since this freight train has been on the tracks," Weekley says as the two exchange taunts. And then, they were off! Sort of. The two more resembled a pair of of injured manatees than sprinters as they ran ambled toward the finish line. We won't spoil who clipped the tape first. Watch for yourself:

As you can see, Beef edged Boo, which isn't too surprising considering Beef is 16 years younger. But neither came close to the speed shown by Wesley Johnson when hustling between shots during his sub-90-minute round last week. The best part about this? It's just the first in a series of challenges between the two presented by Arby's. Other activities include hula hooping and singing so be on the lookout.

Back to the race, we timed the winner at a painfully slow 8.30(!) seconds. In other words, don't expect to ever see either of these guys at the NFL combine.