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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. practicing for the Home Run Derby is the hottest video on the internet right now

It's been an absolute joy to watch Vladimir Guerrero Jr. quickly jump from best young prospect in baseball to an everyday player in the MLB. From moonshot homers in minor league games with Tim Tebow to electric Spring Training walk-offs to his first two homers in the show, we've followed it all. And now, Vladdy Jr. will be taking his talents to the Home Run Derby for the whole world to see. Not a bad few years for a dude who isn't of legal drinking age yet.

But before he even takes his first hack in the Derby, Guerrero Jr. is already making waves on the internet for his Home Run Derby ... practice. That's right, we're talkin' bout practice. This video of Vlad Jr. smacking bombs in Toronto was taken by MLB reporter Alexis Brudnicki, and it's currently the hottest video on the internet right now:

Honestly, I doubt you'll even make it to this paragraph considering you may spend the rest of your afternoon replaying it (I'm on my 34th rewatch myself). That crack of the bat is just plain DIFFERENT. The best part might be the delayed thumps of the ball off the seats in deep left field. This video has now reached over 2 million views. Gee, I wonder why.

People said the Home Run Derby was dead a few years ago, then Aaron Judge saved it, then Bryce Harper (and his dads gigantic biceps) put on a show the year after. With Vladdy Jr. now in the fold, it looks like the event is in good hands for a third consecutive year.