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Bryce Harper's dad and his massive biceps completely stole the Home Run Derby

Leading up to Monday night's Home Run Derby, fans and media we're piling on the competition for its lack of star power. While arguably the sport's biggest "star," Bryce Harper, was in it at his home stadium, the other seven contestants left a little bit to be desired for casual baseball fans. Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton both opted to skip the event, as did J.D. Martinez and Jose Ramirez, the two MLB leaders in homers. Mike Trout, the best player in the game, never competes in the event.

Because of these low expectations, the Derby and its semi-new format pleasantly surprised, as Harper smacked 19 homers to defeat Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber in an epic final round. In other words, it was a great night for baseball and two of its star players, but the real star of the show didn't even swing a bat. That's right, Bryce Harper's dad Ron Harper and his gigantic biceps completely stole the show:

What an absolute TANK. And he got to show off these pythons on the mound, throwing fireballs in Bryce's direction throughout the night. Check out some of these pitches (disregard this guy's actual tweet. Imagine caring if the Home Run Derby is rigged?):

I hear the Yankees are looking for another pitcher for this run to October. Ron Harper would look great in pinstripes, as will would Bryce, by the way.

Here's the final pitch, an awesome moment for Bryce, his dad and Nats fans:

But back to Ron Harper. Can you believe this is the same guy?

Interesting ... As always, the internet did what it does best:

Let's hope this isn't the last time we see Ron Harper throwing straight gas on the bump. Seriously, Brian Cashman, if you're reading this, pick up the phone and make a few calls.