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Bryce Harper is a two-hair-dryers, one-time kind of guy

Siblings. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em. Just ask former NL MVP and certified hair enthusiast Bryce Harper, who was caught giving his luscious locks the dual hair dryer treatment by his brother Bryan on Wednesday morning:

By NBA standards, this is pretty tame. Dudes will be wearing eye-liner courtside by 2022, so a little double blow dryer action ain't no thang. Per the MLB's axe-swinging, skull-beaming code, however, Hansel's Harper's beauty routine will definitely earn him a couple of towel snaps in the ol' clubhouse. Harper should just own this, of course—it's not like his infatuation with his own hair is any big secret:


But if you're wondering how he feels about this little invasion of privacy at the moment, well, let's just say this is not the look you give someone who's going to be invited to Thanksgiving...

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