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Vlad Guerrero, Jr.'s walk-off homer has to be the best moment in Spring Training history

Thankfully, we're so close to MLB Opening Day you can practically taste it. On Thursday, win and loss columns begin to fill up for real, and the Yankees push for ring No. 28 push for October finally begins.

Spring Training had its moments, but ultimately, they're all meaningless. Except one from the Toronto Blue Jays-St. Louis Cardinals game at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada on Tuesday night, the last day of Spring Training. With the game tied at zero in the bottom of the ninth, Blue Jays prospect Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., son of the Hall-of-Famer, stepped to the plate with two outs and a 1-0 count. Take a guess what he did next:

Here's another angle from his dad, who didn't make it out to the game but did tweet out the video:

And of course, someone put father and son side-by-side for this beauty of a GIF:

Not to exaggerate, but this has to be the greatest moment in Spring Training history, no? I'd look up others, but it's Spring Training so I'm not going to waste my time. Listen to that stadium! Looks and sounds more like a Game 7 at Tropicana Field than it does a Spring Training game. Obviously, these fans understood how wild this moment was, considering Guerrero, Jr.'s dad made a name for himself in Montreal. Vlad, Sr. spent his first eight seasons as an Expo, making four All-Star teams, smashing 234 homers and driving in 702 RBIs before signing with the Angels in free agency.

At 19 years old, Guerrero, Jr. has a long way to go to catch up with his dad's numbers, but as the No. 3 prospect in baseball, it's clear that he's got a bright future ahead. With a swing that similar to Vlad, Sr.'s, we like his chances at success.