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Vlad Guerrero Jr., Tim Tebow homer in same game. Guess which one went further

The last time we checked in on Vlad Guerrero Jr., the 19-year-old prodigy smashed a walk-off homer to deep left center in the Toronto Blue Jays final Spring Training game. By the look of his swing and the buzz he created that night, the kid appeared to be ready for the bigs, but with the Blue Jays already in a good spot at third base with Josh Donaldson, they could afford to keep Vlad Jr. in the minors for awhile.

But Guerrero Jr. is starting to make the case that he's ready for the show well before his 20th birthday, having already collected three homers and 27 RBIs while hitting for a .388 average in his 85 at-bats for Double-A New Hampshire. His third homer came on Thursday night, and it's downright frightening to watch:

Also frightening? That guy saying "WOWWW" in his best, excited Owen Wilson Voice. Chill out dude.

But "WOWW", what an absolute bullet from Guerrero Jr., one that would look a lot better for Toronto sailing into the second deck at Yankee Stadium or putting a dent in the Green Monster. With pop like this, it's only a matter of time before he gets the call up, a proposition that's already gaining steam.

Oh, also, in the same game, Tim Tebow homered! But his barely got over the fence:

Just imagine Tebow and his .230 average gets the call up from the Mets before Guerrero gets called up by Toronto? Don't put it past the Mets, and with the way 2018 is going, it'll probably happen.