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Here's Tim Tebow smacking a three-run dingah in first Double-A at-bat

Tim Tebow could be sitting in a posh Bristol studio collecting seven figures a year to flirt with Paul Finebaum and occasionally pop up on Mike Greenberg's new morning show (for however long it lasts). But true to Tebow form, he has selected the path of most resistance, and for that we graciously, endlessly thank him. Why? Because it continues to produce headlines and highlights like this:

That's Tim Tebow crushing a three-run dingah in his first double-A at bat for the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, a real name of an actual minor league team apparently. And as if a former Heisman winner and national sports icon freezing his ass off in the on-deck circle of a minor league ballpark in beautiful Binghamton, New York isn't surprising enough, this is not the first time Tebow has done this either.

Last year, during his first at-bat with the Class-A Columbia Fireflies, Tebow also spanked one to the cheap seats, raising some very real questions about why people are still pitching to this guy during his debut ABs. Whether or not Tebow can replicate the feat for a third time when his seemingly inevitable Las Vegas call-up arrives is TBD, but if it we're us, we'd let's this man take his bag and take our chances with the next schlub.